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February 21: The Dancell Family Y is *closed*. Promotion is postponed until March 7. There will be a kata class at 2pm on February 28, open to all students.

Seido Karate in Maryland

Seido Karate provides training for self-development, self-defense, and physical fitness for adults and children. Training includes fundamental techniques (kihon), forms (kata), and controlled sparring practice (kumite).

For more information on Seido Karate in Maryland, contact the branch nearest you (see below), or e-mail webmaster at

See the main Seido website at for more information about Seido Karate, the World Seido Karate Organization, and its founder, Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura.

Maryland Branches

There are three Seido branches in the greater Baltimore area:

Howard County

Jun Shihan Kate Stewart
Senpai David Smith

Howard County Seido Karate home page

Classes at:
Howard County YMCA
4331 Montgomery Road, Ellicott City




Sensei Tom Swiss

Catonsville Seido Karate home page

Classes at:
Catonsville Y< br> 850 S. Rolling Road, Catonsville

Inquiries to:
2119 Arlonne Drive
Catonsville MD 21228


Thank you for your interest in Seido Karate, and we look forward to having you join us!